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Living History Day

Two days prior to the Stone's Trace Festival, the Stone's Trace Historical Society and Stone's Trace Regulators host area students on a trip back in time whether they attend public school or are home schooled. We call these two days, "Living History Days".

During the living history day each student is put into a group that will travel around to different stations to get a view of how things were done during the pioneer days. Typically each station will discuss certain things that were previously discussed in school. The stations may change from year to year, but  here are some of the possible stations that your student may encounter while here. 

  • Longhunter

  • Blackpowder Shooting Demonstration

  • Blacksmithing

  • Cabin Building

  • Cabin Building Tools

  • Mini Militia

  • Candle Dipping

  • Archery

  • Tomahawk Throwing

  • Flint Use

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