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"To Give the past a future"

Gramling Cabin

Relocated and reconstructed on Stone's Trace grounds

Donated by the Gramling family.

Originally built in 1850 by the gramling family of Dekalb County, Indiana.  It was moved 45 miles from its orginal location to a permantent home at Stone's Trace site.  It  was reconstructed by Stone's Trace volunteers & Stone's Trace Regulators' members.  Feel free to walk through this 19th century home as we continue to make progress on giving the past a future.
As we continue our work, we are counting on the generous support of our friends who understand the value of preserving these early Indiana and American historical structures.




If you would like information on how to donate to this project or how you can become involved in  in this effort, working with people who, like you, also enjoy bringing the past to life and giving it a future, please contact Jim Hossler, @ (574)529-3693, or @

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