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The Five Generals

General Grant.png

Larry has been a Civil War re-en-actor since 1987 serving as a captain of a Union Artillery Battery.  He began doing a first-person impression of General Grant in 1987. He is retired from Oracle Corp. and now has more time to do presentations at schools, historical sites, reenactments, libraries, museums, etc. He feels the best way to teach history is to bring it alive.

(General U.S. Grant portrayed by Larry Werline)

Paul Wood has been reenacting since 1994 and has been doing his General Lee impression since 1998. He has performed at reenactments, historical societies, CW round tables, museums, middle and high school & colleges. 

(General Robert E Lee portrayed by Paul Wood)

(General George Meade portrayed by Dave Eisele)

I'm currently actively retired from 43 years of working in Manufacturing Engineering and Tool Design. My interest in the American Civil War Stems from my great-great grandfather's service in the 32nd Indiana Volunteer Regiment. He served from September 1861-1864 as a three-year enlistee, participating in the major engagements in the Western theater. While in college I took a class in Civil War history, and it was there that I was first exposed to Civil War Reenacting.  In 1996 I Joined Battery G, 2nd Illinois light Artillery and have been a member ever since. In 2011 I was invited to participate with the Civil War Troupe Grant, Lee and Custer as a fill in General. My first impression was that of General Herman Haupt, then I moved on to General John Schofield. I switched to Major General George Meade in 2013 when I had the opportunity to portray General Meade at the 150th Gettysburg Reenactment hosted by the Blue and Gray Alliance. I have been doing General Meade ever since at various Civil War events in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan. When not reenacting, I work part time as a History Interpreter at Midway Village in Rockford IL.

                                  (General E.O.C. Ord as portrayed by Marc Finnegan)

Marc has worked in the construction industry for 40 years and has portrayed General Ord for the past 7 years.


General EOC (Edward Ortho Cresip) Ord graduated from West Point in 1839. At the start of the Civil War, Captain Ord was on a ship, the Lexington, bound for San Francisco. Upon arriving in San Francisco he received a telegram from the war department promoting him to Brigadier General. He was told to return to the Capital as soon as possible. He spent 6 months aboard the Lexington. He arrived in Washington November 1861 and was given command of the 3rd Brigade, guarding the Capitol. On December 20th, 1861, General Ord gave the Union its’ first victory of the Civil War at Dranesville, Virginia.

(Andy Hare as General Stuart is the proprietor of the traveling museum.)

The Generals, portrayed by Larry Werline as General U.S. Grant, Paul Wood as General Robert E. Lee, Dave Eisele as General George Meade, Marc Finnegan as General Edward O.C. Ord. and Andy Hare as General Jeb Stuart, are returning to give you a glimpse of Civil War living History. Each reenactor has participated in educating the public at multiple events in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin. They believe the best way to teach history is to bring it alive.

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