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Stone's Trace Regulators

A Charter Club of the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association

A Group interested in portraying and re-creating the pre-1840 Indiana Frontier era, was formed to carry on the tradition of remembering and re-enacting early Indiana history and rendezvous events.  Each year, at festival time, a trading village with primitive camp re-en-actors springs up at the South end of the festival grounds to give guests a glimpse of life prior to occupation by the settlers.


We are dedicated to encouraging and advancing the organized shooting of black powder muzzle loading firearms.  Many of our club members have been recognized on a national level for their shooting abilities.

We offer many opportunities to participate in black powder shooting activities using muzzle loaders. We have monthly club shoots which can vary from woods walks,  novelty targets, paper targets and steel clingers.  During the warmer months we have line match shoots which are paper targets and are shot at the 25, 50- and 100-yard shooting range.  The range is open for member use only. 


The Stone's Trace Regulators Fall Rendezvous, in conjunction with the Stone's Trace Pioneer festival every September (on the weekend following Labor Day), is a time when our families get together and camp in a pre-1840, re-en-actor style. We have many activities for the whole family to participate in.


For information about the Stone's Trace Regulators, visit our Facebook page or Contact Thad Stern at


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