Union and Confederate

Civil War Re-en-actors


Over twenty camps set up on the East side of the grounds.  Come and view the daily life style of Union & Confederate soldiers.

Destiny At Appomattox

At Appomattox court house, Virginia; Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant. After four long years of fighting, lots of grieving, and bloodshed the Civil War had finally come to an end on April 9th, 1865. Although many did not believe any good would come from this war their minds began to change as Union and Confederate forces laid down their arms.  We were sure to gain heights in wealth, productivity, and world influence.  Not only by the great loss of human life and conflict but by the courage and belief of our president Abraham Lincoln in the expulsion of slavery, the Civil War was able to give birth to modern America.

The following five generals will be apart of the play "Destiny at Appomattox" during the pioneer festival of 2020. So be sure to stop on in you do not want to miss this amazing chance to see one of the  biggest  victories in American history.


General Ulysses S. Grant


Larry Werline has been portraying first-person General/President Grant for over twenty years. Prior to that her was Civil War re-enactor serving as Captain of a large Midwest Union artillery unit. He does many presentations each year on a variety of Civil War and Grant topic, many of which are in the Springfield, Illinois historic sites near where he lives. His goal is to make history come alive. 

General Robert E. Lee

Paul Wood portrays General Robert E. Lee and has been for the last 21 years. He has been a re-enactor/First Person presenter for the last 26 years and has done presentation in nine different states. He is from Wheaton, ll.

Lt. Colonel Horace Porter

Bill Teshner portrays Lt. Colonel Horace Porter for the play "Destiny at Appomattox. Bill has been re-enacting for 25 years and generally portrays General William T. Sherman, but also has performed as Generals Winfield Scott Hancock, and Patrick Cleburne. He lives in Glendale Heights ll with his dog George.

General J.E.B. Stuart

Andrew Hare has been a professional re-enactor for the last 30 years. In this time he has portraying many first person Civil War characters such as General John Bell Hood, Colonel Charles Marshall, and General J.E.B. Stuart. Over the years he has amassed an expansive collection of Original Civil War artifacts which has culminated into a unique Traveling Civil War Museum. History to him has never been just words on a page, original owners experiences that bring history to life!

General George A. Custer

Tom Peacock has been portraying General George A. Custer for 21 years. Prior to that he was re-enacting artillery officer for 7 years. He lives in Caledonia Illinois, is married to Roxe Anne and is the father of five daughters.


President Abraham  & Mary Lincoln

Murray has been appearing as Abraham Lincoln for over 25 years, appearing before service clubs, church congregations, classrooms, Civil War re-enactments, and even a wedding reception.

He has also been involved in two different documentaries about Abraham Lincoln presenters. He has spoken on topics such as Lincoln's youth in frontier Indiana, his career as a lawyer in Illinois, as the role of God in the Nation's Life.  

Mr. Lincoln will be located in the Civil War area at Stone's Trace Pioneer Festival, on September 12-13, 2020.



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